Corey Wills

Corey Wills

corey smiling in GH
Corey making soil blocks

“Originally hailing from northern Virginia, I spent years working all over the country in fields ranging from mental health to grassroots political work before realizing that I actually felt most at home working in a literal field – at which point I took a long, hard look at what I wanted to achieve in my career and in my community.

I quickly came to the realization that the most connected and driven I had ever felt professionally stemmed from a short but impactful volunteer stint in New York, when I had the opportunity to clear an abandoned lot in the Bronx to become a community garden. Seeing all of the neighborhood kids – running around, legitimately excited about picking up trash and reclaiming their space, already planning which vegetables they each wanted to grow – instilled in me a growing sense, now deeply rooted, that providing both access to fresh food and a sense of stewardship of the space in which one’s food is grown is an absolutely vital step toward sustaining the well-being of both the self and the community.

Corey and Stoni
Corey and 2016 apprentice Stoni plant Bok Choy

After coming to this realization, I spent two years traveling around the US and the globe volunteering as an agricultural worker; learning about sustainable organic agriculture and the many ways to engage with and nourish community. My passion lies at the intersection of environmentally responsible agriculture and working toward universal access to high-quality nutritious food, and so I feel incredibly fortunate to have been welcomed into the Good Cheer family, where both of these goals are celebrated daily! I am looking forward to learning something new from each member of this community in the upcoming growing season, and am very thankful to be here.”