Liza Elman

liza-elman-bio-photo-cropped1_7389.jpg (247×378)“My passion for working in the food system started by getting out of the city during the summer and immersing myself in nature while camping.  Spending time in the great outdoors helped me develop a sense of place.

This exploration brought me to the University of Vermont to focus in Environmental Studies and Food Systems where I learned about our planet and realized that I am extremely interested in the local and global food system.

Since graduating, I have gone on to work a variety of jobs within the food industry including my local grocery coop, berry farm, apple orchard, and a variety of farm based education positions. I found myself particularly drawn to the educational aspect of the food system, since this is where I can see the most change on a day to day basis. Overall I found the most impactful positions I have held have focused in farm and food education. I spent two seasons working at Shelburne Farms, a sustainable education farm in Vermont teaching children about farm animals, gardening and how to care for the land we live on. This was confirmed while working for two seasons at Shelburne Farms, an educational farm in Vermont, and running an educational garden at Camp Kiniya, an amazing all girls summer camp.  I cannot wait to continue working in food system education here on Whidbey.”