Anna Strick


“I’m a recent transplant from the East coast, having spent most of my life in the Carolinas. The gardening community and support it receives attracted me out here, as I explore new ways of working with food production systems in communities. My passion about sustainable food production became clear in the 9th grade when I self-selected the research topic of organic cotton production. It was an exciting, passionate topic that was intertwined with so many people in the world, but was committing serious injustices to the environment and farm workers.

An opportunity in college to lead a new school garden solidified my passion and helped make clear that agriculture would be more than a hobby. Since then, I’ve sought out many farm learning opportunities ranging in scope of both the diversity of crops and animals and scale of production. The list of things that appeal to me about farming has since grown: self-sufficiency, affordable nutrition, efficient production, story-telling, inclusivity, creative outlets, sun worshiping, and observations of and intimacy with biotic life. I’m excited to participate in this opportunity that will showcase how to weave school curriculum into garden activities, and to learn how to steward community garden spaces alongside of model mentors and peers.

A bonus perk of beautiful Whidbey Island for me is that there are so many sheep and fiber artists, whom I hope to befriend in my free time.”