Margaret Pickoff

IMG_1888“My introduction to community gardening was as an agroecology research assistant in New York City, where I spent a few summer months in the community gardens of Brooklyn, counting beneficial insects on the leaves of tomato and kale plants. At the end of the day, I’d take the ferry past the Statue of Liberty over to Staten Island, where a friend and I were at work helping a community to establish a garden on an abandoned street corner lot. In New York, I became enthralled by the beauty of these small green spaces hidden among otherwise unbroken stretches of tall buildings. Beyond the food that grew there, I started to understand that the gardens were also places of pride, inspiration, connection, and calm.

As a college student in Maine, I befriended young farmers at markets and contradances, and was encouraged to get involved in the local agriculture scene. After a few seasons of farming in Maine and my native New Jersey, I stumbled upon the opportunity to apprentice on Whidbey Island, and was thrilled! I’m hoping to use this time to learn everything I can about small-scale food production and thoughtful garden management. I feel lucky to be here!”

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