Sonya Ekstrom

sonya clg photo2_2266In my life I seek to find work that grounds me in my own body and imagination, which connects me to people and the land, and which addresses the real problems threatening the planet and our communities on the local and global level. In the past few years I have found these aspects converge for me in the simple act of growing and consuming food locally and seasonally, with the understanding that my health and wellbeing are bound up with the larger health and stability of our planet and its systems.

Originally hailing from Davis, California, I am coming to Whidbey from Seattle where I have lived, worked, and studied for the past six or so years. Before arriving on the island in the beginning of May I had been working as an intern for Seattle Tilth, an experience that ignited my desire to more fully immerse myself in the practice of growing food – eventually leading me here.  I am thrilled to be a part of this program, learning alongside such an inspiring and motivated group of people, and experiencing the majesty of the Pacific Northwest for the first time outside of the city!

~~~~~  Sonya


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