Kevin Dunham

Kevin bio photo_4820

“A few years ago I discovered in myself a curiosity and desire to learn all there is to know about growing fresh, healthy food. Since then I have done what I can to immerse myself in farming and gardening through work exchange, paid jobs, and volunteering. Several summers past I was fortunate enough to find myself on Whidbey Island attending volunteer work parties at Good Cheer. The care and reverence given to each individual plant in that garden was indicative of the love and compassion given to the community that consumes them. It was a beautiful sight to see, and I spent the following summer attending every volunteer work party the island had to offer.

I am more than happy to be returning this year to assist in the further development of the South Whidbey School Gardens. This island and the people who live here have shown me that a strong and loving community can give a person a humbling sense of security, compassion, and gratitude; and I believe that a community food system is a key to unlocking this strength. I feel that it is much easier to start new habits than to break old ones, and giving kids the opportunity to understand and experience fresh, healthy food, grown right where they live is a great way to cultivate a new habit of health for themselves, their community, and their environment.”  ~~~ Kevin

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