Kaitlin Greene

kaitlin greene bio photo_4534“My sophomore year of high school I decided to start cooking dinner for my parents one day of the week. It was an effort to show them my appreciation for all they have done for me and to prove that I was becoming an independent young adult. Little did I know that this would plant a seed of inquiry into the significance of food in daily life and eventually lead me on a path towards social and environmental justice.

For me, food connects us to each other and to the earth, to culture and a way of life. Food can reveal the diverse places from which we have come and the similarities that we bring to one another. During my college years in Salem, Oregon, I worked with food banks, farmworkers, and students in an effort to learn more about my new community and I continued to find food to be a common thread throughout these experiences. I am now seeking to commit myself to work that honors people and our natural world so I have turned towards growing local food and local communities. I have come to Whidbey from Bend, Oregon and I am overwhelmingly excited to be living and working among the amazing people, ideas, and energy this island has to offer.”  ~~~ Kaitlin


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