Abigail Lazarowski


“I have been working the soil ever since I was little when I used to help my Dad in our family’s vegetable garden. We planted seeds together, harvested basil and waited all summer for the Vermont sun to ripen our tomatoes. I’ve been a cultivator of the soil and a lover of good food ever since. Throughout college I spent a lot of my time working with youth and leading community arts projects but within the past few years I’ve felt drawn back to the land and have begun working on small organic vegetable farms in the Northeast. This season I was looking to deepen my experience with sustainable agriculture and learn more about how the growing and sharing of food can really serve a community.  This exploration drew me all the way out here to Pacific Northwest and I feel so grateful to have landed in such a beautiful place.”

~~~ Abigail

Update from Abigail:

“Last spring I moved to Whidbey from my native northeast to become the Westgarden apprentice at the Whidbey Institute; and I’m thrilled I’ll be staying on next season to become the Westgarden Manager and co-coordinate the Community Gardening Leadership Training with Cary Peterson. It feels important to dig my roots deeper into this place and continue to cultivate my skills as a leader. Next season I look forward to working with new group of garden apprentices, fostering a greater sense of community in the Westgarden, and growing more medicinal herbs!”



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