Alexa MacAulay

alexa mulching lettuce april_4770

“I’ve been a self-described farmer for the past 7+ years, working on farms and community gardens throughout North America. From the Okanagan valley in British Columbia to rural North Carolina, I have pruned, transplanted, harvested and weeded a rainbow of fruits and vegetables with a curious hand. I’ve also worked with various urban agriculture not-for-profit organizations in my home in Ontario, and I believe that growing food is a powerful catalyst for social change and community development. I recently graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies and Community Arts at York University in Toronto, Ontario, and am thrilled to become part of the Good Cheer Garden and Whidbey Institute team. When I’m not preserving, cooking, growing, and otherwise exploring food, I love to get crafty. Most recently, I have been working with pottery, embroidery, and plant-based inks and dyes.”
                                                                          ~~~ Alexa

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