Thank you Ellie!

A big appreciation to Ellie Sherman, apprentice in the Community Gardening Leadership Training!

Ellie co-coordinated the Good Cheer Food Bank with Stephanie Turco, and moved into a leadership role in the Chinook Westgarden.


She helped coordinate work parties and service learning projects for all ages, but her gifts for leadership and education were particularly expressed with children.

The Waldorf School Third Grade benefited greatly from Ellie guiding their projects in the garden. The children also learned about biodynamic preparations, and planting horns. Stay tuned for more posts on the Waldorf School garden projects!

The Westgarden was the most abundant ever. Hundreds and hundreds of pounds of fresh produce made their way up the hill to the Good Cheer Food Bank, and to chef Chrystyn at the Whidbey Institute kitchen. The Westgarden thrived under Ellie’s leadership and many were nourished! Thank you, Ellie!


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