Ellie Sherman


A big welcome to Ellie Sherman, our new apprentice in the Community Gardening Leadership Training!

Ellie brings a lot of experience in organic and biodynamic gardening to this apprenticeship at the Whidbey Institute Westgarden, the Langley Middle School Garden, and the Good Cheer Garden.  Here’s Ellie in her own words!

“You may have already seen me in the Good Cheer Food Bank Garden or the Whidbey Institute garden, or maybe scooting around town on a yellow bicycle. I am the new garden apprentice. I am interested in helping to create healthy community space grounded in a community garden.

The path I’ve been walking weaves together the growing, preparing & sharing of food, art and community, with a particular interest in working with young people.

After several years of apprenticing and working in gardens in California, New Zealand, Maine, Italy and North Carolina, I’ve come here to learn from and contribute to creative and engaging garden-based public outreach programs, learn more about small-scale garden management and everything else that life has to offer here on Whidbey Island.

Though originally from New Orleans, LA, and most recently from Asheville, NC, I lived in California for almost 10 years off & on, and traveled around the US & different countries as well as moving back to New Orleans for periods of time. I have been welcomed so warmly by so many of the kindhearted people here and am eager to explore the bounty & beauty that lies in this wonderful community of nature & people in the Pacific Northwest!”

In 2014, Ellie shares:

After leaving Whidbey Island, I continued working with the earth and exploring different models of for-profit farms & gardens. I found organizations that focus on working in the overlap where healthy, sustainable business practices and community development/support meet. I worked on a large CSA farm in Osceola, Wisconsin in the Spring of 2012 leading Farm Education Programs. Summer and Fall of 2012 saw me working in the fields of a 2nd generation 50 acre MOFGA certified (Maine Organic certification) farm in Dresden, ME. In the season of 2013, I managed a 3 acre herbal apothecary garden and taught classes on Biodynamics at Avena Botanicals in West Rockport, ME. I stepped away from gardening this year due to health reasons and have had time to participate in other areas of community life that I have long wanted to be a part of. I am volunteering with our local Hospice and working as a weaver of woolen blankets at a small business here in Midcoast Maine.


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