Good Cheer Food Bank

The Good Cheer Food Bank is the oldest non-profit on Whidbey Island, serving over 800 families a month. Each year, two apprentices facilitate growing many thousands of pounds of produce on relatively small parcels of land (all together a little more than 1.25 acres). All produce goes to community members who usually do not have access to local and organically grown food.

Our growing spaces are:

  • The Good Cheer Garden is a .4 acre garden that was installed in 2008. It is a busy and very public garden that hosts many service-learning groups, and serves as a demonstration garden as well as a vegetable production space.
  • The Big ACRE (Abundant Community Resources for Everyone) is located next door to Good Cheer. Installed in January of 2016, the farm focuses on producing more storage and staple crops for the food bank and school district cafeterias. The farm is predominately row crops, but also has three hoop houses, and a 15 fruit tree orchard.
  • The Bayview Garden is a small part of the Big ACRE, and was started years ago as a school garden for the alternative high school. The school has since moved campuses, and now the apprentices use skills they learn throughout the program to manage the space. The garden itself is about an 1/8 of an acre, and includes vegetable beds, perennial herbs, raspberries and three fruit trees.

Apprentices will learn how to farm in the Pacific Northwest, the basics of managing a small-scale farm, and volunteer coordination. More information on the specifics of the apprenticeship program can be found in the Apprenticeship Page.

To learn more check out the following websites:

good cheer garden june1_7912

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