We’re hiring! Come apprentice with us in 2017.

It’s already that time of year again where we start planning for next year, update our job descriptions, and put the word out to find our next crew of apprentices! If you are interested in becoming an apprentice with us in 2017 please read more about the program here.

Our program, now called Grow Whidbey, has shifted a bit (which you can read more about here) and we’re excited to create a more focused collaboration between the Good Cheer Food Bank and the South Whidbey School District Farm and Garden Program. There will be three apprentice positions in 2017 split between the two programs. We are seeking a Good Cheer Apprentice who will focus on food production and farm cultivation in the food banks’ two gardens and new acre farm, and a School Farm/Garden Curriculum Apprentice who will work with teaching staff at the school farm to bring garden-based education to elementary and middle school students. The third position is the School Farm/Garden Production Apprentice which has already been filled for the season.

Please explore out website to learn more about our program and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!


Grow Whidbey: A new iteration of CGLT

This year, some exciting change is afoot! The Community Gardening Leadership Training is becoming Grow Whidbey: A collaborative apprenticeship program in community food production and garden-based education. The Whidbey Institute’s Westgarden is moving in a different direction and will no longer be part of the program, but the South Whidbey School District Farm and Garden Program and the Good Cheer Food Bank Garden are joining forces in a more focused collaboration. We are incredibly grateful for the Whidbey Institute having held the program over the years and all the support they’ve given along the way.

It makes sense to us to solidify the partnership between the food bank and school garden programs because: 1) They both focus on bringing freshly grown produce into institutions that do not normally provide healthy food options, and 2) The Big ACRE (Abundant Community Resources for Everyone) has been created which is a new farm located on school district land that now grows produce for both the Good Cheer Food Bank and the South Whidbey School Cafeterias.

Grow Whidbey will still have apprentices and they’ll be working in the Good Cheer Food Bank Garden, the new Big ACRE farm, and in the School Farm and Garden Program. Our new goal is to give motivated individuals the skills and knowledge they need to become growers and teachers in the field of sustainable community agriculture.

We’re quite excited about the new iteration of this strong and established program and we look forward to welcoming a new batch of apprentices next spring! Please explore our website to learn more!